Mod. Like 700 ergonomic office chair

Our products are characterized by high performances, design and functionality in the use. Grendene combines quality and made in Italy style in total compliance with the pertaining regulations.

Swivel work stool mod. 1900

Office operational chairs are swivel and safe, as they are equipped with self- braking wheels, perfect for any type of flooring. The materials used are innovative and allow the structure of the seat to be comfortable and ergonomic, combining this factor with the functionality of height adjustment.

Gref 210 - Antistatic swivel chair, with fixed armrests and castors

In all the working sectors in which electrostatic charges constitute a high risk, seats must meet specific needs. Our E.S.D. products have this function: a dense mesh of metallic fibers and the use of appropriate high conductivity materials discharge the energy in eccess.


10 October 2018

Contract furnishing for business

Let’s clarify what we mean when it comes to contract furniture. The term contract is used, when we turn to the area of ​​interior design for business sphere, furniture that fits into environments such as hotels, restaurants, shops, banks and, of course, offices. Very often this term is used in antithesis as compared to home […]

24 September 2018

Community chairs: handy e functioning

Community chairs, given their nature, must have certain peculiarities that make them suitable to resist the following factors: time, because they are seats designed to furnish public spaces wear, because they will have to be used by a large number of people, repeatedly. We are talking about seats that will be placed in environments such […]

4 September 2018

Executive and task chairs: a confrontation

Office chairs are not all the same. Depending on the use and function, they may have different peculiarities. In working environments, the main difference is between task chairs and executive chairs. What do they have in common? Naturally, all types of office chairs must guarantee comfort and functionality: they must be comfortable in order to […]

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