Mod. Like 700 ergonomic office chair

Our products are characterized by high performances, design and functionality in the use. Grendene combines quality and made in Italy style in total compliance with the pertaining regulations.

Swivel work stool mod. 1900

Office operational chairs are swivel and safe, as they are equipped with self- braking wheels, perfect for any type of flooring. The materials used are innovative and allow the structure of the seat to be comfortable and ergonomic, combining this factor with the functionality of height adjustment.

Gref 210 - Antistatic swivel chair, with fixed armrests and castors

In all the working sectors in which electrostatic charges constitute a high risk, seats must meet specific needs. Our E.S.D. products have this function: a dense mesh of metallic fibers and the use of appropriate high conductivity materials discharge the energy in eccess.


21 February 2019

5 tips for a good office chair

If you are deciding to change the furniture of the office or you need to make your home your work space, it will be essential to select the right operating chairs to face with serenity all types of work activities. How to do it? Following our 5 tips, we will help you choose the right […]

31 January 2019

Sterile environments and work chairs

A sterile environment is a particular area in which stable conditions of temperature, air humidity and pressure must be created. So the level of germs, particles that are transported by air and particles of all kinds must be kept low, practically zero. Many jobs require a sterile environment to be performed correctly. Today we see […]

10 January 2019

How to clean office chairs correctly

Work space is very important and in Grendene we know it very well. We have been producing ergonomic office chairs for years, to make work environments more elegant and comfortable. The chairs dedicated to work, in offices or inside laboratories, must necessarily be kept in good condition to guarantee them a long life, which is […]

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