14 May 2018

The furnishing of the meeting rooms

The meeting room is notoriously a place that has to accommodate a large number of people, often for many consecutive hours.
As a result, comfort is one of the prerequisites for choosing the furnishing for a meeting room and especially when selecting chairs, as people will presumably spend many hours sitting listening. You can therefore opt for a type of good quality office chairs that have ergonomic characteristics and are comfortable at the same time for back and limbs.

Clearly we must also pay attention to aesthetics. As the meeting room is one of the busiest and often hosting important customers, it is necessary to furnish it with chairs that also make a good impression. It is possible to opt for chairs with a special writing tablets, taking care to choose them anti-panic and reserve some chairs for left-handed people, or for small armchairs with upholstered seat and backrest and steel structure.
The chairs for the meeting rooms must finally be manageable, to be moved and stacked easily according to the number of people that will be housed in the room.

L’arredamento delle sale meeting

Other useful tips for setting up a meeting room

In order to accommodate people, and above all do not tire them during long meetings, you need to follow some useful tips related to the comfort of the participants.
Arrange the chairs well
The arrangement of the chairs for meeting rooms must follow some rules: the space between each person must be at least 0.5 square meters (equal to about a square of 50×50 cm). We must avoid keeping our chairs stuck to one another, to allow congress participants to stay focused without feeling uncomfortable due to too much proximity. It is therefore advisable to keep them at a distance of 10 or 15 cm from each other. Not too close but not too distant: it is necessary to allow people to confront each other and socialize.

Keeping distance
The rows of chairs, then, must be separated by about 50 cm, to allow guests to place any personal items such as coats, bags and backpacks. Remaining on the subject, there are also precise rules for the corridors: when planning the furniture of a meeting room you have to allow people to move before, during and after the meeting, without getting in the way or to disturb the attention of the other participants.

Air and light in quantity
The ceilings should be high enough to allow guests to breathe properly and recirculate the air even in the presence of many people in the room, thus avoiding the claustrophobic effect and the increase in temperature that, creating drowsiness, would distract the audience.
Lighting must exploit natural light as much as possible. If artificial, it is preferable that the light points are distributed in different areas and adjustable according to the situation. Finally you will have to provide curtains or sun-blinds to obscure the room in case of projections and videos.