14 March 2018

Presidential chairs for a classy office

When you find yourself furnishing a new office, especially if you hold a position of prestige within a company, you can opt for a particularly elegant and refined type of seat. These characteristics can be found in the presidential chairs or armchairs, a particular type of office chair indicated to furnish the spaces that host executives, CEOs or company managers.
A chair of this type is also perfectly suited to a meeting room, indeed it is often found inside the rooms dedicated to meetings. Such elegant element indeed,  is useful to create a more relaxed environment when you meet customers, guests and partners. A presidential chair gives professionalism and class, but at the same time has unsurpassed qualities of comfort and practicality.

Most of the presidential chairs are very wide and enveloping, and have a rather compact padding, sometimes with armrests and headrest. Usually you choose it in leather or artificial leather, because these materials can make the chair, and therefore also the surrounding environment, very elegant.
Let’s see some advices to choose a good presidential chair

President 4500 office chairThe furniture

In order to choose the most suitable armchair for your office, consider the furniture first. For a modern-style setting, you can opt for a not too large executive chair, with leather or dark fabric upholstery and metal legs. For an even more particular effect , you can take advantage of the contrast between a neutral-colored decor furniture and a brightly colored presidential chair, such as red.

If the office is furnished in classic style, the executive chair can be in leather or artificial leather, with armrests and in neutral shades such as brown or beige, going to look like a refined lounge chair.
Finally, if you have antique or precious furniture inside your studio, you can once again choose a leather armchair. Opting for brown instead of black, will give a more vintage touch.


The features

The rules for a correct posture are also valid when you sit on a presidential chair: the structure will be solid, the padding is important but not excessive, the backrest can be fixed or adjustable, as well as the height of the seat, which must be about 25-30 cm lower than the desk. If the seat can be reclined, it is advisable to use the appropriate mechanisms, whether they are tilting or synchronized, so as to promote the psychophysical well-being of the body and back. Usually,  presidential chairs have bases with rotating castors, to allow managers to move easily and, for the chair, to follow the natural movements of the body.

However your office is furnished, choosing a presidential armchair will give a touch of class to the room, and this will also be useful to win new customers!