24 April 2018

How to take care of leather chairs?

Leather chairs and hide chairs have undoubtedly long-lasting characteristics. These chairs are upholstered in leather and quality materials: otherwise they will be destined to be damaged in a short time and to break.
Leather is usually worked in order to obtain thin layers, for this reason it is used to cover furniture and chairs for office and home. Even artificial leather has a similar use, it is chosen because it has usually a much lower price than leather-covered chairs.  Leather is by nature stiffer, especially due to the manufacturing process. For this reason it is particularly suitable for covering rigid parts or creating seats and backrests.

The prices of leather and hide chairs are not cheap, but these are investments capable of lasting for many years, which give prestige and elegance to all the offices in which they are located.


Leather chairs: maintenance

Their beauty must be preserved with a good job of cleaning and maintenance: let’s see what are the measures to keep your leather chairs in good condition.

As for ordinary maintenance you can:

  • frequently dust your leather, hide and artificial leather chairs with a clean, soft and dry cloth
  • keep leather products away from heat sources (radiators and stoves) and do not expose them to too cold temperatures
  • try not to let the leather chairs get damp, because they are rather “absorbent” materials
  • avoid keeping these chairs outdoors, and do not expose them to excessive sunlight or very strong light sources.
  • regularly place a modest amount of cream on your leather chairs to keep the material more hydrated and elastic.

President 4000L office chair

How to clean your leather chair

If your office chair in leather or hide has become stained, do not panic: here are some tricks to clean and treat these materials in the best way. The most important thing is to intervene as quickly as possible so that the stains do not enter deeply.

Initially you can dab with absorbent paper or talc until the stain is absorbed and then clean with lukewarm water.

Try not to spray or pour detergents directly and do not let the leather and hide of your office chairs come into contact with abrasive products and solvents: use only specific products for cleaning the leather, following the instructions.

To clean stains, you can also use a cloth dampened with a little water, or with a little neutral soap diluted with cold water. The cleaning must always take place from the outside towards the center of the stain, avoiding to rub with too much energy, otherwise it may scratch the surface.

If the stain is oily or greasy, remove the excess product with a spoon or spatula.

If the stain is instead of dry dirt, it will be sufficient to clean it using a brush or a soft bristle brush.

The important thing is to pay attention and clean with extreme delicacy, to always keep your leather office chairs in their original state and guarantee them a long life.