28 June 2018

The many virtues of stools

In the office, in the laboratory, but also in your home, you often find yourself faced with the choice between chairs and stools. If you are looking for a more particular seat, with an original design or simply prefer to remain seated in a higher position than normal, surely the stools are for you. They can be produced in different materials and shapes, laboratory stools, work stools, office stools: each model with its own characteristics. The stool, more than the chairs, manages to combine great functionality with cutting-edge design. No longer synonymous with discomfort: today this type of seat is very comfortable and is suitable for those looking for certain advantages. Let’s see together some advantages of the stools, to be taken into consideration when deciding how to furnish the workplace.


First of all, one of the peculiarities of the stool is definitely the height that must be customizable or otherwise chosen according to the table top surface to be reached: a high seat is very useful, for example, when you find yourself furnishing a pub or a bar or when working in contact with very tall desks, as it can happen in a laboratory or with workbenches. Even the office chairs are naturally adjustable in height, but the advantage of a stool is that it can reach greater heights, over 80 cm, and in addition it allows adjustment.



Combining height and comfort is not impossible. It will be enough to choose a stool with backrest, if you want to be more comfortable, while the model without backrest will be more practical in the case of activities where you move often or otherwise where you do not remain seated for a long time in the same position. Usually  stools also have a comfortable footrest placed above the base, which is also adjustable in height, this will allow the legs to always stay in the optimal position, and at the feet to have a foothold. If you also choose a model with armrests, comfort will be assured.

Design and originality

As we have said, stool is a piece of furniture that often impresses with its cutting-edge and special design. Let’s not forget that stools are often a real work tool; for this reason the structure must be extremely solid and robust, able to support the operator in continuous movement. The height must be customizable in order to allow the user to work in complete comfort and ergonomics. The materials used to upholster work stools must be chosen according to the area of ​​use, for example if in the workplace there is the presence of powders or scrap,  it will be preferable to use wood or polyurethane, as they are materials that do not retain dirt and can be easily sanitized. Otherwise, for the other rooms, you can opt for a fabric or eco-leather upholstery. Wood, fabric, polyurethane, eco-leather: whatever the covering, the stool will always give a valuable contribution to the operator as well as a touch of originality to the environments in which it is inserted.

Another advantageous aspect of the stool is its dimensions, in particular the reduced dimensions of the seat, which give practicality and make it an unobtrusive element, ideal if you have little space available or if you often move from one location to another