26 February 2018

When your home is your office: how to choose the correct furniture

If you have chosen to make your home your office, it is very important that it is a truly bespoke space and not simply a room used as a place to work. Personalize it with care, choosing elements that are beautiful but above all comfortable and practical. In this way it will be easier to get up every morning and start working with a smile.
In this article we will see what to do to make your home the perfect place to do your business in a quiet and stress-free way.

Properly chose your chair

If you are reading this article, you will know that we consider the chair one of the most important elements for those who work many hours sitting. Even if you carry out your activities in the comfort of a home, choosing the wrong chair is really harmful for your spine, neck and limbs. Do not use the first chair you find at home: if you have to stay for hours in front of your computer you need a good quality and ergonomic seat, which can give you comfort and relief.

The place and the space

The room destined to become your “home office” must be large and well-finished, especially if it is destined to receive clients. Even in this case the choice of the main elements is important: an elegant ergonomic chair that adapts to the desk and the environment in which you have chosen to work. Various models are available on the market. Choosing, for example, a managerial seat you will have at the same time comfort and a modern and elegant design, as well as a material, such as leather and eco-leather, which will last thanks to its resistance and good quality characteristics.
Quando la casa è il tuo ufficio come scegliere i mobili giusti

Sight is important

Place your desk in a place where you can see something more interesting than a white wall. Having a window would be perfect: make sure there is always a light source, natural or artificial, for example with a small lamp always placed on the desk. Speaking of sight, it is also important to talk about the position of the computer screen relative to your chair: sitting for several hours, your chair must have an adjustable backrest, so you can make the most of the lights and be in perfect position to the screen, without straining your eyes and ensuring, at the same time, the wellbeing of your neck and back.

Arrange your work space

Make sure your desk is free of too many objects, avoiding the classic mess that can be created in a home. A good idea is to have furniture with drawers, where to cram your notes and documents, and bookstores in which to organize documents. Even in this case the chair you choose can help you: a model with castors, for example, will allow you to move easily to find the various materials you need, easily arriving to the shelves and the various corners of the room. Opt for a chair with self-braking castors and make sure they do not ruin the floor: even if you work on it, it’s still a room in the house. Only rely on companies that produce high quality office chairs.


Thanks to a careful choice of the accessories that will furnish your home office, you can be sure to guarantee the well-being of your body and your mind every day. The right chair and a comfortable desk will improve the comfort of your back and limbs and will surely also benefit your productivity.