11 January 2018

Which material for your office chair?

To be able to choose the right material for the chairs in your office, you will need to take several factors into consideration. The first is definitely the environment around you, that is your workplace. Based on the colors, light and furniture, you will choose the color and material of your chair. Another thing to keep in mind is comfort, as each material has its own characteristics and may be more or less suited to specific needs.

Before choosing a chair in leather, artificial leather, plastic or fabric, the fundamental questions to ask will be: what is the effect on the skin? What kind of support does the material offer? How easy will it be to clean? How long will it be resistant?

Let’s see point by point the peculiarities to consider.


Like 700 - Ergonomic office chair with wheels

The effect on your skin

  • The leather or artificial leather upholsteries have an extraordinary softness and give a pleasant sensation to the touch, even if they are slightly less breathable compared to the fabrics.
  • The fabrics are very versatile, have an infinite variety of weaves and colors and therefore they easily adapt to both working contexts and residential and contract settings. Since the protection of the environment and the continuous search for eco-compatible solutions play a primary role for our society, most of the fabrics used can be recycled. Ecolabel is the symbol that indicates that the fabric is recyclable. It is advisable to choose an excellent quality fabric or artificial leather, as low-quality treatments and dyes are likely to irritate the skin, as they are also treated to ensure longer life and protection against fire.
  • Finally, wood and plastic are very resistant materials, therefore highly recommended for use in industrial and technical contexts.

Check it before buying your chair.


The support offered by the different materials

In general, wood, plastic and integral polyurethane are more compact materials but, precisely for this reason, they offer a better support in the back and seat, also because this type of material is hardly subject to wear or changes shape. The chairs and stools produced with these materials are particularly suitable for technical-industrial environments.


Swivel office chair mod. 1100 beech

The facility in cleaning

  • Wood, plastic and polyurethane are generally the materials that remain cleaner: very often it is enough to pass a damp cloth to remove, for example, surface dirt.
  • Fabric is the material that requires more expertise in cleaning. In this case the best choice will be to buy a chair of a dark color, also because often there is no way to detach the fabric to be able to wash it.

The life span

As we have seen, to each material correspond certain characteristics that you will need to consider when choosing your chair. The most important thing, however, is to select only products of good quality: only in this way the purchase of the chair proves to be an excellent investment for health and well-being in your work environment.