7 September 2021

5-spoke bases for swivel office chairs

Every good and self-respecting office chair, in addition to being comfortable and ergonomic, must be equipped with a 5-spoke base to ensure stability and allow the user to move easily in the working environment.

This is possible thanks to the quality components that, must be correctly assembled together. Among these, the base of the chair is very important, which, just like the foundations of a house, supports the entire structure of the chair and the weight of the user.

The bases can be of different types, they differ in size, strength, design and material.

For greater stability, the operational office chairs and executive office chairs are equipped with a 5-star base.

Also, in order to comply with standards and guarantee a certain degree of stability, a base must satisfy the parameters established in the EN 1335 standards.


Based on the size of the office chair, the base must also be wide enough not to allow the user to overturn and at the same time not too bulky and disproportionate to hinder the movements.

The type of seat mechanism also affects the size of the base because the more the chair tilts, the wider the support base must be. Therefore, all the bases must be proportionate to the size of the chair.


A base, to be up to standard, must also meet resistance requirements. It must withstand the stresses it receives during all the tests required by the EN1335 standards: also passing the Ansi-Bifma test, which represents the quality standard required in the American market.


Another no less important factor, is the aesthetic factor and the design of the chair base.

To be resistant, a base must be large and massive; and at the same time it must be equipped with soft shapes and a light design.

Usually the bases can be coloured in black, white or chrome.


The material used to build the bases can also be of various types: nylon, aluminum, steel.

Plastic, fiberglass-filled nylon bases are the most common, nylon tends to last longer than plastic.

office chair base in white nylon

office chair base in black nylon

Aluminum bases for office chairs are more resistant, stronger but lighter and have a more modern and innovative look.

The Steel bases for office chairs are among the most durable but more expensive than other materials.

office chair base in alluminum

These differ in cost and aesthetic appearance but are all stable, robust and with a current design.

In addition to the structure of the base, the wheels can also be of various types, find out which wheels are right for you.

If you want more information you can contact us and we will be able to advise you on the type of base that’s right for you.