21 February 2019

5 tips for a good office chair

If you are deciding to change the furniture of the office or you need to make your home your work space, it will be essential to select the right operating chairs to face with serenity all types of work activities. How to do it? Following our 5 tips, we will help you choose the right chair for you.

Opt for an ergonomic chair

The office chairs with the main ergonomic features have a shape designed to support and follow the body of the user, a height adjustment mechanism and can be reclined, based on the needs of the worker, relieving the stress of the hours in which he or she  remains sitting. A proper ergonomic chair is very important but obviously the worker will also have to do his best to maintain a position as correct as possible.


Consider the furnishing of the workplace

The design of the office chair is important, but it should not be in contrast with the rest of the furniture. For this reason, we offer a wide choice of colors and shapes: you can surely identify the chair or stool that matches with the furniture already present in your workplace. Furniture is important, also to make a good impression on customers and create a more pleasant and relaxing environment for those who live in the office.

Establish the type of chair use

What use will be made of the chairs? How much will they need to be used? Will it be better to have them fixed or swivel? What kind of office will they furnish, modern or more classic?

Together with the type of use, the available budget must also be considered. Keeping these two parameters in mind, a choice can be made between a more technologically advanced chair, intended for frequent use and a simpler and more economical task chair.

Aesthetics and comfort

Every time you buy an office chair you need to find the right middle ground between aesthetics and comfort. Most of the chairs that Grendene offers are equipped with both features: chairs with a comfortable, padded seat and a breathable and at the same time aesthetically beautiful backrest, able to give the work environment the right personality.


Trust in quality

Beautiful, comfortable, but above all well done. Essential for the chairs of your office, will be the quality of materials, mechanisms and components. Choose a chair made by a professional and serious company, which guarantees at least 2 years warranty for the object.