1 October 2021

8 styles for your office furniture

When you need to furnish an environment, first you have to decide the style with which to furnish it. In this article we will explain the difference between 8 styles for your office furniture.

To create a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionability, office furniture brands have translated the home design trends typical of home furnishings into new solutions for office furniture.

But what are the 8 styles for your office furniture to choose from?

1. Classic style

The classic style is characterized by the use of wood and warm colors, and is ideal for formal environments such as professional offices of lawyers, notaries, professors or doctors.

When you think about classic design, you immediately think of an office with a noble air that must arouse authority and professionalism.

To furnish a room in classic style it is better to use solid wood furniture. Robust and quality woods, such as cherry, oak or chestnut are preferred.

In general, we choose leather upholstered presidential armchairs such as, for example, our office armchair mod. President 4000 L; while to complete the furniture antiques and Persian carpets are preferred.

2. Smart and green

The trend of the moment is the sustainable office. In this case the focus is on solutions that reduce the environmental impact.

Low-energy lighting, recycled materials and lots of plants or flowers are preferred.

Plants become an essential element of furniture. They can, in fact, be placed on the desks, near the doors or hung from the ceiling.

The news of recent years are the spectacular panels of moss that are hung on the walls.

3. Pop art office

The pop art style offices are colorful offices, in which the environment is characterized by large open spaces furnished in Andy Warhol style.

They are environments that transmit joy, decorated with colored prints.

The bright colors and extravagance in the furniture make it a style that is preferred especially by young people, but also by fans of art or design.

4. Modern and minimal office

As the subtitle already says, this style of furniture is characterized by modern and essential offices where the furnishings have clean and geometric lines. It is a very popular choice if you want to have a rigorous and very professional office.

The most used materials are glass and metal, while the most used color is white. Our office armchair mod. Fresh 01 fits perfectly with this type of environment.

8 styles for your office furniture

5. Industrial office

Another trend style is the industrial one, which recalls the appearance of factories. It is perfect for open space environments with large windows, it is very used for the furnishing of former sheds, but it can also be used in offices.

They use raw wood furniture, metal finishes and exposed brick walls. This style warms up the large spaces and gives a touch of life.

6. Shabby chic solutions

The shabby chic style, very in vogue among pastry shops, tea rooms and clubs of today, is a style of Provencal and English inspiration.

To recreate this style, pastel colors are used, desks with drawers, while delicate chandeliers and furnishings will help you create the right balance.

7. Nordic style

Increasingly fashionable, the Nordic style is used to furnish both domestic environments and offices.

It is characterized by a great brightness of the environments and the use of light tones. The light that enters the windows is used optimally, so as to illuminate the environment, enhancing the colors used.

Walls must be clear in order to keep the rooms even lighter and deeper.

The Nordic design, as well as the green one, enhances the relationship with natural elements and makes wood its par excellence material.

8 styles for your office furniture

8. Ethnic style

It is a very special style that can be easily recreated with elements in natural materials such as wood, wicker, bamboo, leather and cotton. Warm, tone-on-tone colours are preferred in shades of brown, dark brown and red-orange of the African sun.

The furnishings are full and important and the lighting warm, in perfect harmony with the rest of the environment.

The ornamental details are fundamental: we can indulge ourselves with seats in animalier fabric, tribal statuettes, bookends in the shape of elephants, bamboo frames.

Are you looking for the office chair that suits you and that reflects the style of your office ? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.