Chair production

GRENDENE is a firm specialized in the field of furniture and it includes diversified productions of seats for office, community, contract and home.

The continuous investments in research of materials, technology and ergonomics have brought to the creation of products that are characterized by high performances, design and functionality in the use. Grendene combines quality and made in Italy style in total compliance with the pertaining regulations.

All these facts allowed the firm to diversify itself with success toward competitors and to obtain a strong position in both national and foreign markets.

From boardrooms to single workspaces, until managerial offices, GRENDENE gives its all in improving people’s life in every location, be they offices, hospitals or community, making the work environment a dynamic and productive experience.

Office chairs: fashion, design and high level structure

It often seems difficult to create a product with a great appearance and , at the same time , is able to be very functional and useful , and to respect the health of us all . Grendene has managed to combine all the best features of the classic office chairs with the most current , innovative and engaging trends of fashion and design. Grendene is a company which , in particular , produces various types of office chairs -static , swivel and collective- which are able to donate an added value to the furnishing and to the architectural structure of the interior of a building , as well as to workers’ everyday life.