4 September 2018

Executive and task chairs: a confrontation

Office chairs are not all the same. Depending on the use and function, they may have different peculiarities. In working environments, the main difference is between task chairs and executive chairs.

What do they have in common? Naturally, all types of office chairs must guarantee comfort and functionality: they must be comfortable in order to guarantee their users the right position to maintain a high concentration, without discomfort or distraction.

The backrest of the office chairs accompanies and supports the back, and must therefore be ergonomic, both in the executive chairs and in the task ones.

Armrests are generally present in almost all office chairs, while they are not always found in laboratory chairs and stools.

Castors are used to speed up the movement in the workplace, so they are very frequent both in terms of executive chairs and task ones.

Let’s now look at the differences between the two types of seating.


Executive chairs features

Being intended for the offices of those who usually have high positions within a company, executive chairs are generally made of more valuable materials than the task ones, and enriched by meticulous craftsmanship, because it is a piece of furniture that will go to fit into an office furnished with great style and elegance.

Executive chairs are in fact almost more similar to armchairs: wide and soft, both in the seat and in the backrest, in quality leather or imitation leather, with modern lines and design.

They usually have both armrests and castors, aiming to combine comfort with aesthetic beauty.

They are located in offices where customers, partners and important people are often received. These chairs are fully adjustable, to ensure maximum comfort for those who will use them. Aim of the presidential chair? Immediately communicate prestige and authority.


Task chairs features

Task chairs are those that are most used in the spaces to be furnished and they are destined to host operators who remain seated for many hours in their positions. For this reason, the main differences, compared to the executive chairs, can be found in: the upholstery, that is generally in fabric and net, all with excellent characteristics of breathability and resistance;  in the adjustment mechanisms, both as regards the backrest, the seat and the height, in order to guarantee a correct posture to those who work many hours sitting in the same position.


Whether it is an executive or a task chair, choose chairs made with quality materials that guarantee the perfect balance between design, ergonomics and functionality, to give your office furniture the characteristics of resistance and long life that allow you to work well every day .

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