18 April 2019

Furniture for a modern office

Work environment has changed a lot in recent years. Until the early 2000s, inside offices workers occupied sedentary positions at their desks. To furnish spaces, we focused on ergonomics, creating chairs that would reduce the risk of physical problems related to being seated for many hours. Today, on the other hand, there is a growing desire to offer employees and technicians of laboratories more modern environments that include differentiated internal and external spaces, in which one can often vary one’s posture.

An approach to the workplace that is not only good for physique and mind, because it allows workers to “knock off” from an activity that is sometimes repetitive, but that also helps productivity by stimulating movement and communication among employees. The design of today’s offices and of the ones of the future, therefore, both in terms of chairs and tables and everything else, must absolutely foster interactivity.

arredamento ufficio moderno

Furnishing solutions for different activities

We are now aware that the work environment influences not only workers’ productivity, but also their health and satisfaction, so a change towards a more interactive office will also benefit the entrepreneur, as well as the employee.

This type of approach takes into account the type of work, which today has changed a lot and includes more active and creative moments and other issues related to problem solving, concentration and a sedentary lifestyle.

It will be enough to invent furnishing solutions capable of offering workers the opportunity to move, releasing the latter from the concept of a fixed location. The employee will therefore be able to choose between more “isolated” environments and coworking environments for group work, where he can freely communicate interacting with colleagues. A composite office layout designed for both individual and team work.

Every worker naturally has the right to have the right amount of comfort at his disposal, combined with the beauty of design furniture. To find all this you can rely on a company like Grendene, which aims to improve quality and lifestyles through Made in Italy office chairs that meet the needs and preferences of consumers. More or less informal chairs, with castors or with a fixed structure, available with different types of upholstery. Grendene always has the solution for a modern office environment.