4 April 2020

How to create a healthy and clean working environment: chairs and stools in integral polyurethane foam

Keeping your workplace clean and tidy is essential, not only for hygiene and safety reasons but also because it allows us to be more organized, effective and to carry out all our tasks in a faster and more efficient way. Furthermore, by taking care of our spaces, machinery and tools we will need less repairs or replacements and our tools will last longer. In this way we will be more predisposed to work, we will feel more satisfied and the present order will be reflected in our work. Indeed, it has been proven that working in a clean and tidy environment automatically helps us to work more productively.

But how can we facilitate the cleaning process?

First of all, it is essential to choose seats, stools or chairs, made of easily sanitized and resistant material.

Grendene recommends the use of work chairs in integral polyurethane foam.

Integral polyurethane is a material that has multiple qualities which, in addition to ensuring greater hygiene, ease of cleaning and resistance, guarantees comfort and ergonomics while also ensuring superior performance in terms of durability.

For this reason it is the perfect choice, especially when it is necessary to furnish a sterile environment.

Polyurethane is excellent especially when the seat is used by several people (think, for example, of those who work in shifts or who are often replaced). The density with which it is equipped allows the seat to be enveloping and comfortable, and to maintain its ergonomic shape: even if it is deformed, it quickly regains its initial dimensions without being damaged.

This special material is also used to build seats that need high-level antistatic dissipative qualities because it prevents and dissolves electrostatic discharges.

It also has excellent antibacterial qualities, it is resistant to stains which is why polyurethane stools are preferred for workstations where chemical and biological substances are handled.

In addition, Grendene’s polyurethane working stools are subjected to severe tests in order to guarantee the final customer real working tools. In fact, they are resistant to aging, they are water-repellent, they do not absorb moisture, they are non-slip and scratch-resistant.

Thanks to all of these characteristics, chairs and stools with polyurethane seat and backrest can be used in clean rooms, in the health sector and in all those sectors of the electronics industry where a controlled static electricity environment is required.

But how do we clean in an efficient and permanent way?

As for the practical side, cleaning Grendene polyurethane seats is very simple, practical and fast.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the dirt from the whole chair by vacuuming it and carefully passing the castors or the gliders, then you must moisten a cloth with water and with a suitable specific product that is not too aggressive. In this way we will avoid ruining and damaging the polyurethane, but at the same time we will kill germs, bacteria and viruses.

During the evaluation phase for the purchase of the new polyurethane chairs and stools, make sure that the seat reflects your needs in terms of ergonomics, mechanisms and height, in fact it must be adapted to your counters or workstations.

Before purchasing new seats, contact us, we will be happy to give you further advice and indications to furnish your new spaces in the best possible way and without errors.

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