31 January 2019

Sterile environments and work chairs

A sterile environment is a particular area in which stable conditions of temperature, air humidity and pressure must be created. So the level of germs, particles that are transported by air and particles of all kinds must be kept low, practically zero.

Many jobs require a sterile environment to be performed correctly. Today we see how a sterile environment is created, even through the use of adequate furniture, stools and operating chairs.


How do you create a sterile environment?

There are four phases that we can list regarding the planning of a sterile environment.

First of all, to correctly design this type of environment it is necessary to clarify the goals in advance and define the variables that will influence it. In particular: what protection needs the sterile environment requires; where possible contamination can occur; which and how many people must be protected together with objects and products; which regulations must be met. Subsequently, a specification must be drawn up with specific technical requirements regarding the preparation of the sterile room.

Then we start to design the elements that will fit into the environment, taking into account the different needs related to the purity classes. Thus, in this phase the wall systems, floors, ceilings, all the electronic parts and air-conditioning technologies of the sterile environment are developed.

The third phase is that of execution and commissioning. The sterile environment is created, the whole technology checked and transferred into operation, on an experimental basis. If the sterile environment meets all the requirements and meets the regulations, the system can be approved.

Finally, maintenance: the area destined to become a sterile environment will naturally be subject to frequent monitoring intervals to verify the conditions and will be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Ambienti sterili e sedie da lavoro
Objects within a sterile environment

Materials and objects placed in sterile environments must necessarily have the following characteristics: they must have a smooth surface, resistant to friction and robust, be easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants. They must also have dispersion capacity, good abrasion resistance and minimum outgassing. It is important that the right chairs are selected, especially when several operators are sharing the same station: in this specific case the chair must be able to meet all the requirements established by law.

A normal office chair is not suitable for a sterile environment: chairs are required with special materials and construction systems. For industrial chairs, for stools, stand up stools and for all the devices that need to furnish a sterile environment, special coatings are often required, as the classic upholstered seats could release particles capable of contaminating the environment.