22 May 2020

The 7 advantages of protective barriers and their characteristics

Among the precautionary measures necessary to eliminate the virus and avoid any new infections, in the last two months, various security measures and tools have been established.
These are the so-called specific PPE aimed at preventing the various modes of infection and which allow the protection of the body, hands, eyes and respiratory tract.
Among these, for example, there are visors, masks, gloves, bulkheads and protective screens of various kinds: plexiglass, glass or polystyrene.
In the past, these protective screens were not seen in a positive way but in reality today they assume a role of fundamental importance.

The advantages of protective screens

1. The breath dividing walls are an indispensable tool to reduce the risk of covid-19 infection between people in the same room, they allow you to “protect” from direct contact with saliva particles, ensuring greater safety. By adopting these barriers it will be possible to resume activities safely avoiding the transmission of respiratory droplets, sneezing, or coughing.

These bulkheads are ideal for companies that are securing their workplaces and for any office where there is contact with public, for commercial establishments and any type of environment where people, by necessity, are located at close range.
These commercial activities include banks, public offices, shops, pharmacies, reception, bars and restaurants, companies, hairdressers, beauty centers, offices, schools, canteens and any other open-space environment.

2. The barriers we recommend are made of glass, polystyrene and aluminum, which can be easily sanitized and during the working day it is possible to clean them several times using a simple cotton or microfibre cloth and with alcohol or specific liquids and sanitizers.

3. Another advantage, the line of protective barriers has been designed to be easily transportable, demountable and storable, so that in the event of a move or other needs it can be moved.

4. The solutions offered can be different in size and style in order to satisfy both protective and aesthetic needs. This type of panel is produced with materials that blend well with the different environments and with their furnishing style, in some cases they merge very clean with the context design.

5. A positive aspect of these products concerns their manufacture and their origin that are 100% Italian. Never as in this period, buying Made in Italy is essential to restart our economic system.

6. Here in Italy, but also in other countries the governments are adopting laws and financial helps for PPE supplies.

Also we must keep in mind that the use of protective devices is not an alternative to what is dictated by government directives regarding the prevention of contagion

Barriers and their characteristics

As anticipated, the panels are made with aluminum uprights and glass or polystyrene panels.
Glass guarantees transparency and an excellent aesthetic appearance but above all it is easy to sanitize with alcoholic products; while polystyrene is glassy solid and highly transparent, it guarantees lightness and enjoys a bright surface. Also in this case it is very easy to clean, you just need a soft cloth and an alcoholic or sanitizing solution.

7. Another positive aspect regards the customization of the product. The customer can in fact choose to customize the product by deciding the size of the model, the finishing of the profiles, the finishing of the panels and the price, which varies according to the quantities and characteristics chosen. The bulkheads are compatible with most surfaces, but can eventually be adapted to most counters at all points of sale. They usually meet the different requests and where necessary it is possible to create a customized solution.
As regards the finishing of the profiles, these can be ordered in: polished aluminum chrome or gold aluminum, matt white or matt black. While the finishes of the panels can be in tempered glass or polystyrene, transparent or opaque. It will then be the customer, based on his needs and the type of environment to choose between the different finishes.

For different working needs, these are the different types that we offer:

The pass-through barriers are panels with opening for documents or merchandise, they are ideal for offices, salons and beauty centers. The “entire” barrier, always ideal for tables, reception and as a front and side separator.
The barriers from the ground have been designed to divide areas and entrances, for example divide areas, they are perfect for the needs restaurants and bars but also hairdressers.
The counter barriers are ideally suited to desks, workbenches, customer service counters and reception areas.
Food barriers are useful in the case of customer service counters and therefore receptions, bars, restaurants.                                The 4-seat barriers can always be placed in canteens, restaurants and schools.

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