1 April 2019

The setting up of laboratory and its furniture

We begin this article by remembering that the laboratory is a work environment that differs from the others because it often has to be regulated in a specific way and furnished with elements with special technical characteristics.

Medical laboratories, bioengineering, pharmaceutical laboratories: it is necessary that they are designed to the best without paying attention to expenses so that they can be set up in the most suitable way possible. All the equipment and elements inside them must function in the best possible way and hopefully last a long time.

Each laboratory is naturally different from the others, so its design and construction must take into consideration the field of activity. What will you consider then? The type of work and the procedures that must be carried out inside it. Based on these there will be different levels of security you need to maintain.

Let’s take a simple example: in some pharmaceutical laboratories, as in those of biology, innovations are studied, that require a completely sterile environment, that cannot be subject to contamination, which would compromise the results of the research.


Chairs and stools for laboratory

The design of the laboratory obviously includes the design of its workstations, in particular in this article we focus on the configuration of the chairs and stools for this specific environment. The characteristics that good laboratory chairs must have are not just hygiene but above all their safety.

A laboratory chair must not only comply with the regulations but also meet the highest safety standards. That’s not all: even comfort, in the sense of comfort for those working in the laboratory ,is something to be taken into account. If people have to stay in the laboratory for a long time (for example to carry out demanding research) it is necessary that the work chair is ergonomic and flexible as well as adjustable, to avoid operator fatigue.

On the basis of the characteristics of the work then, it will be possible to choose more static seats or taller and more dynamic stools with castors, for those who need to move often from one location to another. Furthermore, the efficient organization of the spaces must not be neglected, which must be carefully designed to make the most of the areas of the laboratory.