10 December 2019

Tips for the home office design

How many times do we hear complaints such as “this house is not an office” by a family member?

Even more often, nowadays, we are overwhelmed by mountains of work, responsibility and things to do with deadlines that cannot be put off for work and that we need to take home and finish.

This is the reason why nowadays in our houses we usually have a room which is totally dedicated to the office, where some of us work during  the week or in other cases after their working time or on weekends.

Often, if necessary, the room of the house dedicated to the office also becomes a study for the children who have a lot of homework to do, tasks to carry out and a lot to study.

That’s how the home office concept was born. Therefore, following this trend we wanted to offer models of multi-function chairs with a revised design, conceived not only to be useful and functional for adults but also to furnish children’s rooms and the rest of the house.

LikeThe swivel chairs that we offer are characterized by practical adjustment mechanisms, soft shapes and lines and original colors, so the work area becomes elegant and refined, always in harmony with the rooms of the house.

Then, as office armchairs, they easily adapt to every style and design, to desks with metal, wooden or glass tops. Finally, as ergonomic chairs, they  are harmonious products that blend in a balanced way in every context and contribute to make the room dedicated to the office a dynamic, versatile and creative space.

The chair has always been considered a furnishing accessory, in effect our home-office chairs are designed for domestic environments and studios with a contemporary design but they also adapt perfectly to bedrooms with desks.

Furthermore, for the younger ones, who are growing up, and spend most of their time sitting at their desks they should necessarily have an ergonomic armchair to support their back; this is our proposal:

Like is the customizable operative chair, perfect for the home office as it guarantees comfort and an ergonomic design at an advantageous price. It is equipped with an ergonomic backrest, available in technical mesh, it follows the natural inclination of the back, supporting it during work and study activities, while the comfortable adjustable armrests and the synchronized adjustment mechanism guarantee excellent posture, allowing anyone to find their optimal position with extreme simplicity.

Like also fits perfectly in bedrooms, desks and study areas.

Thanks to these design products such as the office chair Like, we can work comfortably from home decorating and completing our furnishing with style.

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