30 July 2021

What can an interior designer do and what can’t he do

Who is an interior designer ?

An interior designer is a professional figure who works in the interior design sector, specialized in the recovery, renovation and design of living spaces.

He is responsible for helping you to find the best way to experience your home or office.

In other words, he is defined as an interior architect, who had a university education to learn how to manage space in the best way, how to efficiently organize the available square meters, their function, aesthetic appearance and style.

What does an interior desinger do?

Briefing and inspection

Firstly, he organizes a meeting with the client, during which a briefing is made to better understand their needs and to perform a professional assessment of the specific situation and develop a targeted project.
Usually a first inspection is carried out during which the measurements are taken, the lighting is studied, the electrical and hydraulic systems are prepared.

At a later stage, the drawings and floor plans are drawn up on the basis of this information.


Following the inspection, a budget is defined with the customer; the interior designer will make sure to enforce it and also enforce the project completion times. He will also take care of requesting quotes and information from suppliers.


Before starting with the work, the interior designer creates renderings or images that are used to show the client and the craftsmen the project before it becomes real. In this way it is easier to adjust the shot if there is something wrong or not convincing.

Design custom made furniture

He is updated on furniture trends and decides with the client the style to be given to the home. He chooses the furniture from the catalog, deals with designing custom-made furniture such as entrance furniture, TV walls, bookcases, kitchens.

After the approval of the drawings by the customer, he is responsible for designing executive tables for the craftsmen in order to communicate the specific dimensions of the pieces of furniture to be created.

Controls and supervises construction site

The interior designer is often also responsible for the construction site, he checks and supervises that his drawings are executed in the correct way: that the measurements, the positions of the connections, drains, furniture are respected … etc.

What does an interior designer not do?

He cannot carry out building practices

The renovation building practices are carried out by a qualified technician (surveyor, architect, engineer).

He cannot carry out structural changes

The interior designer cannot decide independently to make structural changes to the load-bearing walls, he must always first deal with a structural engineer.

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