27 July 2020

Why choose a swivel chair with table and storage

Today we want to present the swivel chair with table and storage, a new product designed to be much more than just a seat.

This chair, or better,  “workstation” is a swivel chair with table and storage.

It consists of a seat on castors, it is equipped with a folding tablet and a large storage base. This is an innovative product, the evolution of a mobile seat designed specifically for school environments 2.0 and 3.0. and, more generally for the entire educational / training environment.

That’s why it is optimal for schools, universities, offices, meeting and conference rooms. This seat was in fact conceived for the new classrooms of the future, to guarantee maximum flexibility and  practical use.

Thanks to its design, it represents the ideal seat to face frontal but also more collaborative teaching methods aimed at more active learning. Rolled benches are the ideal solution in order to avoid any type of gathering and contagion.

They are easily sanitizable, they allow  to keep the right distances between students and to better organize the spaces in the classrooms despite the number of students. The ergonomic swivel seat helps the movement of the student who is aimed at grasping the various stimuli from different points of the classroom.

In addition, thanks to this product, depending on the needs and methods of teaching and learning, the conformation of the classroom can be quickly modifiable. Consequently, the space will also be versatile and multifaceted given the infinite possibilities of compositions that can be recreated.

Thanks to this position, in fact, the combination between the chair and an autonomous table will no longer be necessary.

swivel chair with table and storage

How is the swivel chair with table and storage made?

It has 6 wheels, a large storage compartment positioned under the seat where the student can store their personal belongings (backpack, briefcase, bag). It is made of plastic material and is therefore recyclable.

Moreover, you can choose between two different models: the version with armrests or without armrests.

The built-in swivel / swivel and rectangular table with which it is fitted allows the use of the support surface in different positions and is suitable for both right and left-handed users. Furthermore, thanks to the groove present, it is possible to vertically position the tablet or smartphone.

Also, it has a large, swivel seat and a high functional backrest that facilitates its use. The ergonomic backrest is slightly folded inwards and is specially designed to encourage user comfort and make him comfortable during the course of his work for a long period of time.

This product is made in Italy with top quality materials.

Thanks to the finishes, available in different colors, it turns out to be a smart piece of furniture that makes the environment lively and dynamic.

Don’t hesitate, contact us. At Grendene we will advise you with the ideal seat for your space.